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Five tips on how to remove coffee stains from your CARPET

Five tips on how to remove coffee stains from your CARPET

Sometime in the remote future in a home or a galaxy far far away. An adult or a child will drop or spill a coffee mug,  your initial reaction at first will be a shock followed by making a mad dash to clean up the spill before the stain permeates your carpets forever. Speed and action are vital in this situation, but there are times also when you are not aware of the accident such as when the child will spill it and sometimes not let anyone know.  So the real question that presents itself is how do I remove the stain? Here are some tips to clear up the stain and avoid having to have a visible stain on your carpets.

Blot the stain  

If the stain is still wet or even slightly damp then your best chance is to blot it with a clean cloth or paper towels.  Work from the outside of the stain to the center this will reduce the chance of spreading the stain further. If the stain has been there for a while make sure to soak the area to make it fresh again and blot it with clean cloths as mentioned above.

Simple Mixture to Wash

1 teaspoon of liquid dish soap + 1 teaspoon of vinegar + 2 cups of warm water, using a clean cloth make sure to apply the solution to the coffee stain apply just a little bit each time. Blot in between each application with a dry towel. Continue to do this over and over until the stain is not present.

Thall Shou NOT RUB 

The rule of thumb is under no circumstances must you rub the carpet to try to remove the coffee stain. This will push it farther into other areas of your carpet. If you must apply some carpet solution then make sure to twist the fibers through your fingers instead of applying pressure and pushing!

Stubborn STAIN? Try this HACK 

If these steps have not improved or remedied your coffee stain scenario then it is time to go super old school.  Make a paste with baking soda and water to the consistency of your toothpaste. Apply the paste to the stain leave it to dry. Once it is dry go ahead and vacuum up the stain you should now be stain free!

If everything else FAILS – Call 303 Carpet Cleaning TODAY 

Don’t let your stains get the best of you if they end up being more stubborn than you call us today. No family wants to leave their carpets with a coffee stain. The benefit of using a professional carpet cleaning is we have the equipment and specialty treatments that will eliminate it on the first visit.





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