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Tile, Stone & Grout Cleaning

Dirty Tile or Stone? Impossibly Dirty Grout? We offer commercial and residential stone, tile and grout cleaning. Why bother with do-it-yourself techniques that amount to backbreaking work, grocery store tools, and cleaning products? They’re very time-consuming and not very effective. Try our stone, tile and grout cleaning service. It’s fast, effective, and affordable! Grout definitely accumulates dirt and bacteria in due time, especially in areas of your house that receive the most use such as your bathroom or even your kitchen. Soiling the grout with dirt is as easy as walking, it is unfortunately much more difficult to clean. You can mop and sweep as frequently as you’d like, but the dirt and grime cling onto tile and grout more stubbornly than most other surfaces. Not even store-bought cleaning products can properly or do the trick. In order to effectively clean your tile and grout, you’ll need to contact a professional. 303 Carpet Cleaning wants to help make your house look like new again! Our tile & grout cleaning services will transform your dingy, blackened tile and grout into a bright and vivid, sanitized sealment while using eco-friendly cleaners. We do the majority of our cleaning with high temperature, low-pressure steam.  This process does not damage grout and it also sanitizes. Dirty grout can make your tiles look aged more than they actually are. While the tiles may be in great condition, dark grout is an eyesore and creates the appearance of an archaic, unkempt structure. With one look at your freshly cleaned grout, your guests will think you have had all the tiles newly installed.

Grout is very porous, which makes it very difficult to clean as you would other parts of your home. Dirt settles and gets trapped in its pores and continues to accumulate as the month’s pass, darkening the once pristine material past recognition. Our experts at  303 Carpet Cleaning are equipped with state of the art tools and equipment necessary for ensuring your grout is cleaned deeply and thoroughly. Not to mention the manpower that is backed by years of experience in the field.

Grout Cleaning is perfect for homeowners who have grout that is in fairly good condition but just needs some tender, love, care and a  touching up. Investing in regular cleaning can save you tons of money in the long run and greatly improve the appearance and sanitation of your home.

Let us help you make your tiles look brand new as the day they were installed. Contact Jon Pollock at 303.514.4299 to schedule your appointment.