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Pet Odor Removal / Deodorizing

Let us perform an inspection of your carpet. We utilize powerful plant-based deodorizers not just masking the fragrance. 303 Carpet Cleaning is empathetic especially when the occasional accident happens, causing pet odor and discoloration in your home’s carpets. If not properly treated quickly, biological matter, such as urine, can create a breeding ground for potential bacteria and result in an unhealthy indoor home environment.

Defeating Pet Odor where it STARTS! 

A pet owner’s #1 concern is how to eliminate pet smells out of their home. Run of the mill carpet cleaning solutions often only addresses the carpet surface. By treating or attempting to clean the visible animal excrement, leaving a potentially much larger problem beneath the carpet—in the carpet backing and carpet padding, the floor’s subsurface and sometimes the baseboards and walls. Traditional carpet cleaners will simply mask remaining odors by spreading perfumes, oils or other odor masking agents, offering only temporary results.

While most companies will try to guarantee total removal of pet-caused problems, we’ve spent almost 10 years working with pet spots, stains, and odor. We know with the right tools and cleaning agents and extensive knowledge of their use, we can often obtain results that others can’t.  For major pet stains and odor issues, we have specialized equipment and products that allow us to get deep down and right to the source. This gives us the best possible chance to eradicate the problem.

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