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 Spot Removal

If your spot comes back we will too. Not all spots are actually spots, stains are not guaranteed however we can neutralize many stains,  we will remove the deep down cause of the spots so they do not reoccur.

At 303 Carpet Cleaning our spot removal technician will make sure to apply an extra pre-treatment chemical and saturate the soiled areas. This accommodates for maximum absorption amount of residue can surface and ultimately get removed. Not all stains or spots are one in the same (wine, pet urine, dirt etc.) each stain sometimes calls for a completely different technique. Nor is one carpet type the same or the additional padding under your carpet. In most cases, extra extraction and vacuuming can effectively remove a greater portion of the stain with continued routine follow-up carpet cleanings.

Routine vacuuming does help preserve the life of your carpet of grimy things which can include dust, mold and other debris or bacteria which can embed itself into your carpet. The trickiest part is when these contaminants become oily, wet or sticky! This is when a carpet professional is needed to repair your rug or carpet, or worse you have to invest money into installing new carpet in your home. Daily activities such as eating, cooking, and small spills will leave sticky and smelly odors in your home’s carpet. Unfortunately not even the world’s most expensive vacuum can restore your carpets life to normal condition. 303 Carpet Cleaning has over a decade of experience in stain and spot removal. What sets us apart from other local Lakewood, CO carpet cleaning companies is our hot steam extraction methods which will remove these stains and residues from your carpet. Don’t let a stain sit too long, get your carpet cleaned instead of having to replace it  Call 303 Carpet Cleaning today at (303) 514 4299 We get right down to the source to get stain spots removed right the first time! My commitment to our clients is to produce high-quality spot removal results that last affordably and effectively.