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Upholstery Cleaning

Make your sofa or chair look almost like new again at a fraction of the replacement cost. Furniture comes in a variety of fabrics much different than carpet. 303 Carpet Cleaning technicians are trained to clean all these fabrics with care and precision. Everyone in Denver and Lakewood, CO  knows that 303 Carpet Cleaning is a carpet cleaning expert, but they also know we have mastered the art of upholstery cleaning. Upholstered furniture will last for over a decade if well maintained and deeply cleaned routinely.Upholstery

cleaning will not only preserve the life of your couch it will make it more sanitary, and will remove more allergens like dirt, dander, dirt mites or pollen.  When we arrive for your scheduled upholstery cleaning appointment our technicians will first inspect furniture. They will evaluate or determine the fabric type, style, and soil levels. We will also inspect the furniture for any spots or stains. We will also make sure to provide you a free quote or estimate so you know the initial cost before we start the work. In most cases, we are able to accommodate our customer’s upholstery cleaning on the same visit.

303 Carpet Cleaning only uses highly efficient hot steam extraction cleaning methods not only on your carpet but also your furniture. Do you have pesky stains on your couch? Don’t let that bug you, our technicians are experts in cleaning challenging and rare fabrics and removing soda, wine, coffee, and any type of stain with our targeted stain- removing technology. We always will customize our approach to suit your unique furniture. Whether if your couch is suede, microfiber, twill, velvet, natural, or even synthetic we are your upholstery cleaning leader because we identify the fabric correctly and create a targeted cleaning solution! Our commitment is to remove stains and any pleasant odors so that your couch is fresh and clean. After we have completed the upholstery cleaning to your furniture let our technicians help you keep it clean. We will also treat your couch with a fabric protector that can help protect it from future stains. When 303 Carpet Cleaning treats your couch with the fabric protector will make cleaning up the spill easier and guard the stain against becoming permanent.

Why Choose Us?

At 303 Carpet Cleaning, we have over a decade of experience specializing in upholstery cleaning. We are the industry’s upholstery cleaning and restoration experts. Our primary goals are to give you the best upholstery cleaning at the most affordable price. We are confident in our services and offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

You will always be happy with our service or we will follow these guidelines to make sure its right and you’re happy 🙂

  • RE-CLEAN  the upholstered furniture. If you are not satisfied after the second furniture cleaning, 303 Carpet will,
  • REFUND the money you originally paid for the upholstery work.  If our team members caused any damage while cleaning the upholstery,
  • REPAIR the damage.  No cost to you.  If the damage to the upholstered furniture cannot be repaired,