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Extend the life of your carpet with these tips




Extend the life of your carpet with these tips

We love the feeling of brand new carpets in our homes, it is pretty close to walking on clouds or in a field of fresh dandelions. Unfortunately, carpets after time only look as good as they appear or feel, but if they are well maintained there is hope. After normal wear and tear carpets will eventually require replacing. But with the correct vacuuming and following these tips you won’t find the need to replace your home’s carpet as frequently.

Shoes Off Rule

Dirt has the biggest impact on the condition of your carpets. Dirt will grate against the fibers of your carpets and also track in bacteria and contaminants. This will reduce the overall color and new appearance as well. Making a no shoe rule will eliminate or reduce the amount of dirt coming across your carpets. In wet weather, it can stop your carpet fibers from getting damp which would promote some types of mold.

Vaccum Regularly

Not only will regular vacuuming remove dirt that weighs your carpets fibers down it will help remove allergens from the air. This process will eliminate up to 90% of the dirt in your home’s carpets! Doing it yourself on a regular basis is great but make sure to hire a professional carpet cleaner at least once a year! Remember our professional carpet cleaning equipment and get much deeper into the fibers and padding of your carpets then standard vacuuming home equipment by itself.

Clean Spills ASAP

Most people don’t think much about spilling a glass of water on their carpets. They would probably just throw a dry towel across it and try to blot up as much of the water as possible. However, keep in mind the water can promote mold and bacteria. Blotting the spill will reduce the amount of water that has to be vacuumed up, my advice would be to use a wet vacuum and a stain remover if there is a visible stain.This is good for a juice spill as well or even red wine stains that risk staining the true color of your carpets.

Know Your Carpets

It may sound strange but knowing your carpets is half the battle. Polyester blend carpets require a lot more vacuuming, while nylon tends to be more resistant to damage. Velvet cut carpet is more likely to fade, if you have pets I highly recommend to avoid loop pile carpets as they are more likely to get Fido’s claws or paws stuck 🙁

Rugs are your friends

In high traffic areas strategically placing some runner rugs can really help reduce the wear and tear of your carpet fibers. Rugs, as you can imagine, are pretty easy to care for or clean. These will trap more dirt and grime and preserve the look and smell of your carpets too. The more use of a room or area the more carpet it will require be mindful and make sure to keep it looking new!



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