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Pet Proof Carpet Pad





Pet Proof Carpet Pad

There is probably nothing more exciting than installing fresh carpeting throughout your home. If you’re in the market for adopting a furry companion from a shelter, rescue or even buying from a local breeder. You should ask your local flooring store about pet proof carpet padding. Keep in mind your investing more than just carpeting your its the padding. Carpet pad is the layer of foam that rests on the carpet or subflooring. Similar to carpets there is a variety that ranges in quality and cost. The sales professional will certainly point you in the right direction and make recommendations on the latest and greatest pad. Like always make sure to do your due diligence to make sure you’re covering your bases.

Moisture proof carpet or pet proof pads have been on the scene for a few years. The carpet is designed to withstand pet urine by repelling the moisture. Pet Proof carpet padding is a little bit more on the spending side but cheap isn’t good and good isn’t CHEAP!

Pet-proof padding protects against moisture to prevent odors but unfortunately won’t magically remove the stains left behind. When your home’s carpet is exposed to pet urine the liquid still has to go somewhere!

Pet Proof pads can make urine removal easier for your professional carpet cleaner to remove. Just simply for the fact that it removes any possibility of soaking into the padding. This can also pose problems to the backing of your carpet that holds the padding in place. Urine that consistently is exposed to this backing will lead to the carpet separating from the padding itself.

Buyer beware “pet proof” doesn’t mean full proof. Pet-proof carpet padding when installed correctly it will procure and protect your carpet from soaking into the pad. Once it reaches the padding your past the point of no return. Remember the moisture if not cleaned immediately will spread and rest on the carpet backing which over time will lead to it separating. I am positive that you will make the right consumer decision with your next carpeting purchase.

If you have had a series of unfortunate events and are in need of professional carpet cleaning to remove pet stains or odors call us today!

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