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Benefits of having professional Carpet Cleaning?

Benefits of having a professional Carpet Cleaning?

If you have ever attempted the feat of trying to clean your own carpets, then you know it can be a nightmare of a chore. The results tend to dramatically vary depending on the type of carpet cleaning equipment that was rented. While your motives are pure and you have good intentions of improving the conditions of your carpet. You have now come to realize the carpets are just more soaked with water, dirtier and dinger than previous, and now your home has a distinct odor of mildew or mold in the air. Not to mention you probably just drop about $60 dollars and some change and spent a few hours putting in some elbow grease. There are some things in life where it’s just better for a professional to do it.  Here are some pretty obvious reasons why you should have your carpet’s cleaned by Jon Pollock owner of 303 Carpet Cleaning in Lakewood ,CO.

Professional Equipment

A professional carpet cleaning company will usually have a high-powered equipment that is truck mounted. The only thing that comes to your house is the hoses and just a few attachments for the vacuum. The technicians will begin the process of treating your carpets. They will use a few tools or a series of scrubbers to help bring up the dirt, dander, and debris from the recesses of your carpets fibers. This will allow for easy work for the industrial vacuum to suck up or remove the dirty water.

Cleaning every square inch of your FLOOR

If you were to try and clean the carpeting in your home by yourself, be prepared for a challenge, to say the least. First, you move all the furniture out of the room, clean the flooring, then because it can’t dry because you used too much water, you can’t return the furniture and get started on the next room. The technician or expert carpet cleaning team work effectively together by moving all the furniture, cleaning every inch of flooring, drying the surface, moving back the furniture, going to the next room. In the time it would take for you to do one room, the experts are done in your home with all the rooms and they look and smell spectacular.

Removing all the WATER

The carpet cleaning machine you just rented from the grocery store let’s be honest it has been used a thousand times over. Which also means its probably never been maintained or cleaned once. The reality is that you could be potentially spreading contaminants or bacteria from other users into your home! The rental equipment just doesn’t have the capacity or power to remove 50% of the water just used to treat your carpets. In the long run, the fibers of the soaked carpet are now just a breeding ground for bacteria, molds etc. High-powered vacuums used by the professionals remove water and debris before it gets to the padding, leaving the flooring almost dry to the touch.


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