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February 18, 2018
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How frequently should I vacuum?

How frequently should I vacuum?
One of the most important steps to start caring and maintaining the integrity of your carpet is routine vacuuming.
Vacuuming in high trafficked areas is extremely vital to removing dry dirt and debris that may have bacteria.There are typically three types of soil or dirt that can be found in your carpet.

– Dry Soils that have sand, carbon deposits, clay, quartz, or animal hair.
– Animal Hair & Minerals
– Water Soluble soils like drink spills

For the most part, the dark stained areas will carry bigger amounts of dry particulate soil. The most efficient way to remove dry soil is by vacuuming frequently. It’s imperative to remove the dry soil before it permeates into the carpet pile and or carpet fibers. This creates the general appearance of dingy carpets or dark stains that will prematurely wear out your carpets. One of the most frequent questions that I receive on a carpet cleaning is how often should I vacuum? Here are some guidelines I have come up with over the years from completing services and asking for client feedback 🙂

– Lightly soiled areas once a week, carpet cleaning every eight to twelve months
` Normal once to twice vacuum, carpet cleaning every six to twelve months
– Heavy twice to four times vacuuming, carpet cleaning three to six months
– Big family daily vacuuming, carpets cleaned every two to six months

The most important factor in maintaining your carpets is routine vacuuming and professional carpet cleaning. If you want to offset trafficked worn pattered areas and want to keep your carpets looking brand newer longer make sure to vacuum and call a professional regularly.

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