Pet Proof Carpet Pad
April 1, 2018
Pet Proof Carpet Pad
April 1, 2018
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Spring Carpet Cleaning Tips 💐




Spring Carpet Cleaning Tips 💐


At the end of the day, most all homeowners want to make sure to preserve the integrity of their homes carpets while keeping them looking new all year round. Get the most out of your carpets means following a routine carpet cleaning regiment along with some maintenance. Deep cleaning your home’s carpets regularly will help ensure the carpet lasts longer, looks good, smell great, and protect against stains. We tend to spend a whole lot more time indoor’s during the winter season. Throughout this time you have probably tracked in a lot of dirt, dampened the padding with some water and the final outcome they start to smell.

Here are some great tips to keep your home’s carpet in tip-top shape for SPRING:


Your vacuum is your best line of defense in winning the battle of keeping your carpets clean. It should not be just done casually or a random once a week occurrence. Keeping on top of vacuuming your carpets regularly. Especially if you have a furry companion, if you have a pet I recommend at least once a day. Vacuuming will help debris and dander from settling into your carpets padding. It is always good to keep up on your upholstery cleaning as well since you already have your vacuum attachments handy. Our furniture our upholstery is just as vulnerable to the same issues as your carpets. Make sure to vacuum them once a week as well.


Stains are best handled as soon as possible, in an ideal world sometimes that isn’t feasible. During the muddy spring season, you have potentially tracked a lot of dirt into your home. If left to dry it does make it a whole lot easier when your carpets are professionally cleaned. Most often a DIY or store bought product is just as good as a commercial cleaning agent. If you happen to catch it in time a baby wipes lightly blotting from the outside to the center of the stain will do. If not try baking soda and some other handy household items will do the job just fine.

Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning services like 303 Carpet Cleaning or use a variety of methods to get your carpet clean. Shampooing, steam cleaning, and even dry cleaning methods. You might be concerned with the price, you will be more in love with the end result. You will save money, time and effort from trying to remove stains by your own merit, trust me.


Shampooing is traditionally done with commercial cleaning solutions that are designed to foam up, much like hair shampoo. The chemicals involved can be harsh, but your technician will know what is safe for your carpet.  Your technician will recommend the most suited solution for your scenario.

Dry Cleaning

This method involves an absorbent agent that cleans your carpets without getting them wet. The dirt is absorbed by the compound, which makes it a whole lot easier. The chemicals used in the solution can be harsh, however.  Spring cleaning is among us and getting your carpets cleaned is an essential part of the process. Use these tips for your carpet cleaning, but if you’re in need of professional assistance call Jon Pollock today at (303) 514-4299



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